“Enthusiasm to excel is at the root of everything. Without it, there are only alibis.”

  • Organized south India Printers conference on 26th July, 2016.
  • Honored few printers who have completed 50 years to the cause of printing industry in Telangana State.
  • Celebrated Printers Day on 24th February, 2016.
  • Organized a pre – DRUPA Orientation Program to help the first time visitors on 14th May, 2016.
  • Organized knowledge updating workshop for the printers about various costing methods on 17th September, 2016.
  • Implementation of Lean scheme in the printing cluster would have cost each press about Rs 3,50,000. However, Govt. of India provided a grant for this scheme.
  • At the invitation of HP Israel, some members visited Israel in March 2016.
  • On their invitation and hospitality, we have been invited by HP to visit Singapore.
  • We are very happy to inform you that Govt. of India has recognized TOPA for Promoting International Cooperation Scheme. Against this background, TOPA has organized a visit to DRUPA, Germany in June 2016 and ALL IN PRINT CHINA in Shanghai in October 2016, with a group of 100 participants. Our members received financial assistance from the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India.
Printing Industry Power Tariff
We have requested the TSERC to reclassify the Power tariff for all the SSI Printing units from category LT-II-B to LT III – A1. As the TSERC has not favorably considered our request, we have taken up the matter to the level of Tribunal for Electricity at New Delhi to get the decision in our favour.

Contribution to Telangana Govt. Industrial Policy

  • Land and building for the Association
  • Allotment of Govt. land for Printing and packaging industry.
  • Establishment of a Training centre and sponsorship of training program to ensure the supply of skilled and semi skilled employees.
  • Telangana Govt. has recognized the printing industry as green zone in their new industrial policy as a result of our representation. This is the first time that such a status is given to the printing industry in India.

Skills Development Center (SDC)
With the support from the Government we plan to start a skill development center where we can train people and ensure the supply of skilled employees to our industry without any shortage.
Preference to Qualified Technocrats: TOPA will play a proactive role in employing as many qualified printing technologists as possible and will also coordinate with skill training bodies like CDTP (Community Development through Polytechnics), Community Colleges in collaboration with the Govt. of India and Govt. Institute of Printing Technology which comes under the Government of Telangana located in Secunderabad to train the employees who are not qualified but are skilled on machines and equipment. There are many who are creative and produce best of the art works through print medium but who lack in basics like colour, photography and graphic arts software programmes. TOPA will also rope in the Intermediate Vocational Colleges which offer DTP and Printing Technology Programs with a facility of lateral entry into 2 nd year of Diploma in Printing Technology.

The multi-crore advertising industry needs more skilled and qualified hands and TOPA will usher in a new era of having the best human resource for printing and packaging industry.

Important activities in the pipeline
Indian books, journals and printing jobs, etc. are being exported to over 120 countries of the world both developed and developing. Indian exports of books, printed pamphlets, newspapers and periodicals, job printing and printed materials during 2004-05 was estimated to the tune of US$ 550 million. The idea of this corollary is to prevail upon the Government of Telangana to give all out support to printing industry so that Telangana is in the forefront in all fields of engineering and technology. The printing, publishing and packaging industry in Telangana is in dire need of all out support of the Government in terms of providing concessions like land, power subsidy, entrepreneurship development, re-introduction of Bachelor’s Degree course in Printing Technology which was discontinued by JNTU for reasons best known to the Government of the day, way back in 2000.

Need for a Printing and Packaging city
TOPA requests the Government of Telangana to give the required impetus by liberally coming forward in creating a special Printing and Packaging city in a land exclusively earmarked for the presses located in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. To take the advantage of the potential of a big city like Hyderabad, printers from all the districts should be encouraged to establish presses thus giving a fillip to employment.

Customer Education Programs
There are many print buyers who are ignorant of what they actually need when it comes to producing best printed products. TOPA will organize Customer Education Programs so that the client and printer relationship becomes warm, cordial and stronger thereby retaining and expanding the market in Telangana state. Employee attrition is steep in printing industry in general and in Telangana in particular. Wherever possible, TOPA will strive to retain the best of the hands and the talent and ensure that employees are taken care to guarantee their retention.

Special Training for Machine Maintenance
TOPA will stress the importance of maintenance and proper care of machines and equipment in the interest of the safety of the employees and wherever applicable will conduct special training sessions with professional engineers addressing the employees under a common banner. No proper maintenance of machines and equipment is a major disease, the printing industry is not able to overcome. The need of the hour is professionalism.

Grievance Redressal
TOPA will take all necessary measures to coordinate with relevant departments of Govt. of Telangana to ensure that grievances, if any, of the employees and their families are properly attended to.
As it is in its nascent stage, TOPA expects all out financial, logistic and moral support from the Government, entire fraternity from printing and packaging industries and educational institutions at ITI, Diploma and Degree levels.
The ultimate goal of TOPA is to ensure that printing and packaging industry in Telangana shall be a role model for other states to emulate.
After 15 long summers, the industrial sector in Telangana has experienced no significant power cuts this season so far, and TOPA is confident that if the situation continues like this, there is no looking back for the printing and packaging industry which will grow unhindered thereby inviting potential print buyers from the rest of the country in particular and abroad in general.
Telangana’s per capita income of Rs 24,409 in 2004-05 has phenomenally grown to a whopping Rs 83,020 in 2012-13 and there is no better encouraging statistics than this one to seriously ensure that there is a steady rise in this. Ironically the growth of printing is directly proportional to the growth of all other industrial sectors and every sector depends on printing for their needs.
Last but not the least TOPA will make all out efforts in fulfilling the three P’s viz., Public-Private-Participation so that it is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.